I Finally Did It Now What

i had a massive argument with my husband on Thursday gone and i did it i left after years of feeling useless scared and bored so stupid i could cry.I now like with my g arown up daughter with my youngest daughter i feel bad i took les from get friends but on the other hand glad she is away from that soul sucking monster. I feel better for going but also feel stupid i never realised before how much that bastard controlled my life.I was in the louse 24/7 went no where without him and because i liked my laptop i was cheating on him.i worked for five years but was in his words a lazy fat **** evoke of to take my daughter and leave so i did got family to move some of my stuff and walked away what a bloody relief.Now the scary start begins got to sort my money out get a home for me and my daughter and start life again but it can only let better for us i .
nelle1968 nelle1968
41-45, F
May 21, 2012