My Mom Judges Me When She Know Absolutely Nothing About Me!

I have a mother you will never pray to have.. Dont you dare criticize me by saying i am a bad daughter for spoiling my mom here because you DONT KNOW HER!!.. I hate to listen to her .. She always confuses me and distorys all my plans.. if i tell my mom i want to work math becuase i have an exam coming up she is just going to laugh at me and say "whats the point you are going to fail anyway" and i will end up not reading it at all.. Last night my phone rang and she asked me who it was .. honestly i hate someone prying into my private life so i just told her its some guy (guess what she said next)...He is just going to have sex with you . get you pregnant and dump you.. I was MAD!!! I felt like killing her on the spot.. Whenever i dress to go out she says i am dressing like a drug addict and end up not going where i am going becuase i get upset.. She makes me want to be more anorexic.. I have a fat *** mom and becuase i am so skinny she sarted dieting and now she competes with me when i excersie!! She wants me too eat and grow so fat .. She keeps on counting how many people are better than me.. If i want to write an exam she prays i dont pass so she can have something to talk about.... She does not know me.. She does not know my talents .. She does not know my thoughts.. We are strangers sharing the same blood.
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1 Response Aug 13, 2010

you remind me so much of an old friend of mine and her mother, so so much alike. i miss and love her, but i just couldn't fit in with her. I have no idea how she is doing right now, but i hope she is well:) my heart goes out to you as well.<br />
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The thing with parents is that they love us, but they were not always there for us mentally and physically . Are needs are not always met when we are young ins, thus creating self defeating behaviors that we are not even aware of. Their parents did the same to them, as they to us. There is a never ending cycle with the human race that has created a planet full of ignorant specimens. You seem like a very bright girl and i believe that meditation practices could help you so much. When you start to get into it, you can accept and understand the beauty within yourself. You enjoy food alot more, because you are so focused on the tastes and textures; thus causing you to eat very healthily and have a very healthy weight/body (you only indulge in what you need) I have been high on life for the first time and plan to be for years to come! :) best regards, Ms