Gimme a Break!!

i don't want my children to be the little stuffed shirts of tomorrow. i could give a rat's *** less if they win the basketball game or take over the neighborhood with a rock band in my garage. everyone is soo focused on 4.0s and extra-curricular activities that they have forgotten what it means to be a kid. i am not saying that school is not important, just saying that there is more to life than getting your kid into Harvard at 12.

i am not a soccer mom, i stand behind my children and what they decide they want to do, but i don't get upset if my son wants to do ballet and my daughter football. ultimately it is about expressing their individuality. i let my daughter wear what she feels looks good as long as it isn't a pair of sweats in 900 degree weather.

i don't let my children run amok- don't get me wrong, they are 2 of the most respectful children you could possibly meet. they have good manners, appreciate their elders and behave well- i just don't see anything wrong with letting them lick their ice cream bowls so to speak.

i am not super mom. my house looks like 4 people live in it, i have tattoos, peircings and don't drive a van. my kids wear clothing with skulls and flames, they wear black (which is apparently not a toddler color? lol) and metal t-shirts. my daughter has wild woman hair and my son has long hair. they are kids and as long as they learn values who the hell cares if i look more like i belong to some women's correctional facility in some blue-hair's eyes. i am a good mom, just not a typical one. bite me!

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I vent so much about **** like this and I am not even a parent. Thank you!

i'm not your typical soccer mom either. When I drop my daughter off at preschool all these moms come skipping down the sidewalk with there ironed clothes, full makeup and hair done at 8 am. I just want to puke!! I think to myself "Damn I do not want to be like that." I work till 12 am every nite and sometimes yes I like to go out with friends afterwards. But I am still up first thing to make them breakfast and get ready for school.<br />
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My 4 year old daughter wears green kahkis and dark blue skull shirts. I am not gonna dress her up in pink flowery things if that is not what she likes. But I know the other parents talk about me. I just don't care. I want my children to develop their own personalities. Not look like they came out of an Old Navy commercial.