I Let My Kids Be Free

I want them to make their own decisions and know right from wrong ..  And we do go to church .. but  i dont dress like a typical southern baptist ..  and i think they respect me for that ( the people of the church ) i dont want my kids to think they have to follow the latest trends and i want them to appreciate things little things in life ... and grow to be their own person ... if they dont wanna play sports .. no pressure ..
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You sound like a great parent, good for you, your kids are lucky, so many parents are terrified that their kids will screw up, but that is part of life, part of growing up, part of being a parent too.<br />
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I found your post on a random jump, I'm glad I did, I found someone doing the hardest job in the world with a great attitude.<br />
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PS: I am not a parent.

It all starts with the parents. My goodness, I mean, kids today are so mean to eachother. If the parents teach them not to judge, to be the best person they can, it starts a cycle. They will bring their children up to be the best that they can to those around them, so on and so forth.<br />
Good Job!!