A Doormat No More!

There should be a recovery group, something like 'Doormat's Anonymous'.
A group for those unfortunate men and women who have been raised with the stupid notion that you should 'treat other's how you expect to be treated'.
Let's amend this statement: You should treat others how they treat you.
Somene keeps asking you to do things for them? Try asking THEM for a favour, and see what happens when the shoe is on the other foot. Do they comply? Then why are they around? What purpose do they serve except to utilise your time/money/assets for their own gain? And give you nothing in return.
I'm Kyle. I used to be a 'nice' guy. I had friends who I secretly didn't like, I let people talk to me as if I was beneath them. Girl's wouldn't look at me as boyfriend material, because I was just so 'nice'.
I was a doormat, quite frankly. I couldn't say no.
The beginning of this year, 2012, I took out the trash. I told everyone who I didn't like to go and **** themselves. It had been building up to that for a while.
The selfish, fat, useless, raging jackass who used my house as a refuge, the spotty, ugly kid who bragged all the time about NOTHING MUCH. The attention ***** girl who just 'wanted to be friends' and left me to make 100% of the effort in the friendship she asked for, the skater who literally just walked in and used my pc whenever he liked to play music. Peace, space for the new friends who wouldn't dare cross those lines.
Say no, my friends. You don't have to feel used, sad and wondering why people talk to you like you're garbage. Who made them more important than you? The answer: YOU did. You let them talk to you as if you owe them something, as if they are more worthy than you. You're not their ******* SERVANTS. You're not put on earth to bend over backwards and take whatever **** is flung at you.
We're all made of the same blood and bone, your self worth is up to you. If someone else gets upset because you finally grew a spine and told them you're not going to drop everything and go out of your way for them, they had it coming. If they respect your decision, and treat you with respect, they're a keeper. A true friend would help you, and accept your new found spine. They would be happy for you. If they don't, they were never your friend to begin with, and you aren't missing out.
Be strong, my friends. Take what you're worth.
26-30, M
1 Response Dec 9, 2012

You are the loving type. Life is way harder for people like us.

Most people are selfish, thoughtless wolves. And most (yes I literally mean the majority) women think they want a man like you, but when they actually meet one they'll take a **** on him and go find another ******* and then complain to their friends about how there are no good men.

You gotta learn how to be loving and kind but also confidant and arrogant at the same time. And find people who reciprocate. Otherwise, the wolves, like the ****** rotten people you are describing, will tear you to shreds.

That goes for Christians and unbelievers alike. Plenty of unbelievers have a loving kind nature and plenty of true Christians are rotten to the core. If you are Christian and good hearted, like me, then your options for relationships are narrowed to less than 1% of the population and you need to be very careful who you get connected to. A brutal reality not for the faint of heart.

Beware of the countless wolves in sheeps clothing. It goes against my loving nature, but you gotta brush the dust off your feet and walk away from ****** ********.