Definition of a Doormat

  • A doormat is a household item on which feet are wiped.
  • That is its purpose.
  • It has no other use.
  • It exists solely to accept the dirt which is deposited on it.
  • In doing so, it permits all other flooring around it to remain clean.
  • It does not move.
  • It is dormant.
  • It is not active in any way.
  • It is passive, receptive, and submissive.
  • It is beneath the notice of all who use it and abuse it.
  • The only time any attention is paid to it is when it is so dirty that it requires a beating.

ylily67 ylily67
1 Response Mar 20, 2009

this sounds like you are not only stating the definition but i sense an air if resignation at being said doormat. may i remind you that you do, in fact, deserve better. realize your power-- your em-powerment-- and rise up off the floor and stand up for yourself, oh humble doormats!