Family Member's That Fall Into This Category...

The Shamer
This person can be hazardous to your health. The shamer may cut you off, put you down, reprimand you, or make fun of your or your ideas in front of others. He often ignores your boundaries and may try to convince you that his criticism is for you own good. The shamer is the kind of person who makes you question your own sanity before his.

I have a family just like this they know who they are I am telling them right here and now I am taking a stand! I am not going to take it anymore! There is no written law that says I have to tolerate your crap anymore I love you because you are my family. I do NOT have to be treated this way any longer.I have feelings if you choose to listen it is up to you. I have a HAPPY, STABLE , LOVING home life... Having said that I want you to know that your opinion of me is yours I love who I am and you can love me the way I am take me or leave me. Either way I am happy I hope you will be too.

No Longer Your Victim

Today I have made a conscious decision
You will no longer have power over me
I will not allow thoughts of you to consume my life
I will not shed another tear because of you

I don’t want to be a doormat
I don’t want to be stepped on
And have people wipe their dirty feet on me
I’m not a piece of stationary carpet
I’m human, alive and emotional just like you
But if you’re wondering why I relate myself
To an aged, faded rug stained with mud
It’s because I feel like one
When I’m around you
Do you understand why I say this?
What CAN you understand?
You talk, I listen, and I understand you
I’ve continued understanding you, yet still
You hardly know me.
I’m sure you have much emotion to share
But so do I
I’m just like you in that sense.
That’s why we’re friends
But I want to talk too
So you can get me as well
No worries, I’m not asking you to stop talking
I love to hear you talk, and I love to listen
Just please, spare me a chance, I’ve emotion just like you
I’m not a doormat, not a heartless carpet-cutout.

ylily67 ylily67
2 Responses Mar 20, 2009

Right on!

I love this--thanks for the encourgment. My husband treat me like this, well after this he won't again....THANKS