Not Ordinary?

I am an ordained minister with a nondenominational church but I personally belong to a Pentecostal church. As a tattooist in the vicinity of the worlds largest Marine Corps base, I see a lot of young people during the day. And as you can imagine, they are nervous or scared about going to Iraq or Afghanistan.

Although I don't push anything on anyone, I will try to put their minds at ease if the discussion leans towards the religious or spiritual side. My little brother is a Master Sargent in the Marines too. As well as a tattooist, and a Christian. Between us, we do what we can for these kids.

As an ex biker and member of the Vietnam Vets M/C, I can relate to what these kids are going through. And although I quit years ago, I can relate to their alcohol use to escape.

As a sometimes long haul trucker, and an ex biker, and an ex Navy man, and their tattooist, their (sometimes) harsh language doesn't bother me.  That's when the walls come down and we can actually communicate.

For those out there that believe, please take a moment to pray for our troops. Thanks!

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Hey there Doc, I'm a vet 2. (WAC) Missed the Nam ribbon by 2 wks. Currently I have one and at times two sons in Iraq. So the troops are ALWAYS on my mind and in my prayers. CNN was my constant companion when the coverage was heavy over there. <br />
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I appreciate you and everyone else that offers the support to OUR current troops that the Viet Nam Vets Didn't get. So I Now Welcome you back and Thank you for your time in service and for the service your currently giving to OUR troops and God. Yer some kind of Warrior !!! <br />
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To those who won't give support I say..... If you can't stand behind our troops Please stand in front of them. AMEN !!

You are one in a million xxx


You really are a great guy, I will pray for the troops as well.

Hello tatsdoc, Wishing you greeting from the U.K. My daughters boyfreind servid in Iraq but unfortunately he got shot. He has nightmares evert night and is on all kinds of medication. He discovered last week one of his friends was killed out there 2 weeks ago and blames himself. He belives if he was there he could have saved him. We send these poor guys to war and destroy their spirits. Trying to get them help is like hitting your head against a brick wall. You are a great human being.

Thank you for what you do.<br />
I've been a spiritual seeker for as long as I remember (at the moment not particularly religious) and the love and care you're giving these young people is what I believe organized religion needs much more of.

I loved your story and keep on doing what your doing!!

You know, so many of the tatooed biker guys I have met are all big teddy bears, like you!

You are a blessing and I admire what you do :)

You sound like an interesting person. I bet not one of those young people you talk to will ever forget you.

I admire your service in many area's. You are truly a blessing!

Thank you for your service. <br />
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i agree we should pray for our troops. Daily.

Not a praying sort of guy.... but for what its worth, my wishes are with the troops.<br />
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And, just saying, your life experience sounds like it could make one hell (excuse the language) of an eccentric book.

Back in the nineteen-seventiesI was penpal to several servicemen who were serving far from home.<br />
Two of them died on active duty in Northern Ireland.<br />
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I'm a Christian and I salute you, tat2doc, for the support and comfort yoiu give to young soldiers.

I am not a praying woman but I really appreciate and respect what you're doing for those young men. It's awesome! My thoughts are with them all the time. I live not very far from Ft. Benning.