I Fit In With Almost Everyone

In my school I get along with all the clique's ,but I don't belong to one.
I have some close friends that I hangout with ,but we don't really have a label we just get along with most everyone.
its wonderful and I love it
I write in the school and city paper
I express my opinions openly
but I try not to offend any view point I try to view situations from all perspectives before stating my beliefs.
I am also an anchor on my school's news show so a lot of people know who I am.
I just try to be nice to everyone , I believe that we shouldn't separate ourselves over how we dress, what we listen too or how we act
we should accept one another for who we are

the only thing I have ever been called is a hippie XD
Tree hugger
Amara Amara
18-21, F
Dec 6, 2007