"you're Different"

I seem to hear that phrase a lot the older I get. "you're different." I'm not really sure what that means. As a child I was probably a little different, although I don't recall any teachers or other students calling me that. As I've gotten older, I attribute hearing that phrase, "you're different" from other people as coming from them not knowing me or understanding what they know of me. 

These days, I attribute that phrase to one of not being able to be neatly categorized by today's social standards. Which is really strange because it seems as if I'm a "relic" out of place in my own time. I'm "OUT OF PHASE" with my quantum existence. lol. People can't understand why I do what I do, have done what I have done, think, act and believe the way I do. I understand that thought process, but the real difference is, I don't think that way about others. I don't "evaluate to categorize" so I can "know" them. 

I respect my experiences. I recognize their accumulative value. I try to interrelate these experiences and abilities learned to the best advantage. I try to hold my thoughts and beliefs to the highest standards I have learned and experienced, not the lowest ones. I am not rich and famous, and put no value on being rich or famous. What prompts people calling me different is probably because I don't fit a "mainstream" mold. Being "mainstream" anything is in itself a form of stereotyping. 

If being different is simply a matter of not succumbing to a mainstream mold, then I say, "Viva la difference." 

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aes, your "differentness", your uniqueness is what draws people to you. To all of us. What society has tried to break in us all, to smooth out, to cut off, is the very thing that causes others to want to become more of their own " different". Viva la difference!

This final line: "What prompts people calling me different is probably because I don't fit a "mainstream" mold. Being "mainstream" anything is in itself a form of stereotyping." Says it all for the story itself. Because no matter what if you appear/seem different in the eyes of others, they'll mark you out with a black marker and design a special target in you, for they fear differentiation than what's being portrayed in their environment and sociality. <br />
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People tend to forget about being themselves and the definition of being real instead of fake, posing as others so you can fit in their world.

Being unique in a cookie cutter world is a good thing.

Only my immediate family and I are like this, I guess you could say we are all good actors: at fitting in. Introverts with extroverted skills.

Now I finally get who I am....i just thought i was unliked. I feel better now.

how bad is it when even my mama called me 'different' as a little kid!? these days i embrace it. i go by eccentric/eclectic!<br />
i enjoyed this so much.. i felt like i could've written it myself!! :)

lol<br />
I've had the "different" tag, too :) Viva la difference sums it up very nicely, I think :)

i haven't ever fit in any place. my family i probably never will. I'm staring to be OK with that, trying to embrace my uniqueness or something like that. lol

I can relate and that's the best explanation I've heard! Way to go!


Hard to believe, but I've never fit in; never been one of the crowd, no matter how much I tried as a youngster. I remember feeling particularly bitter - maybe after nobody came to my 16th birthday party - and perhaps to rationalise the pain or perhaps an insight, I accepted my difference and decided to glorify my difference, rather than to beat myself up over it. I did have my moments after that and still do to this day, but I would prefer to be a non-conformist, than to conform to a society that I grow more and more disaffected with. Even at my advanced age, I look for belonging, but when I look at the cost, reject it.

I have often said that" I'm a dinosuar". Ironically, because of my responses,here, in this medium, several younger folks have reached out to me. I love this medium. It allows us to speak the" real deal". There is no replacement for actual experience, and that may require alittle time. I have made every mistake one can make, but it took alittle time. Carry on!