Your Everyday Paradox.

A mass of brown hair covers my head like sheets on an unmade bed. I stare into space instead of listening at school [and ace the tests]. I quote my own lyrics and lie about who wrote the song if asked. i prefer prefuse 73 to lil wayne and I think garth brooks is the spawn of satan [saying that will get you buck shot to the chest where i live.] I live in a place where beautiful scenery and terrible people ruin each other. I have absolutely no interest what so ever in one night stands. I thinks it's ALL relative.

Sometimes life is more a dream than real to me. i say the words "spicy rock" in everyday conversation. I make hookah tobacco for a living. I'm a seasoned musician. [played since i was 7 and i'm 19]. I fish but i don't hunt or own a huge loud gas guzzling truck. I HATE light beer and most lagers [hefewiezen plz]. 
 I think coca cola blak kicked the **** out of anything i've ever tasted. I don't like star bucks but i LOVE coffee. I refuse to buy a smart phone. I spent most of my child hood playing with action figures in ditches full of water with rocks in them making little water falls. I've spent ten fold the amount of time swimming in the river than i have at a beach. You couldn't pay me to wear any shoes but Adidas Sambas. i loathe flip flops. I think baseball sucks mucho ****. i sneeze twice everytime i walk outside.

the list goes on.  
PreferAnAstronaut PreferAnAstronaut
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2 Responses Jul 12, 2010

@butterman: yeah **** garth brooks. i think the sneezing has something to do with the sun. but don't quote me on that.

I sneeze every time I walk outside too. Also that Garth Brooks thing also applies where I live.