About Human???

I have tattoos. I have dyed black hair and short bangs. I sometimes sport a bright streak of red or blue in my hair. It NEVER fails that someone wants to call me a Goth. Which I always find funny because I don't wear black clothing..ever really. I also don't wear much make up and I'm naturally rather tan. Doesn't that go against the gothic stereotype? I'm not pale, I don't wear dark clothes or dark make up...I'm super friendly and smile constantly too so...??? I went for a job once, in the interview the owner of the company looked at my Elvis Presley purse said, "So you're a Rockabilly?". I politely said that I'm an Elvis fan....but I was ANNOYED!!! Is that an appropriate interview question? Also, my son's friends parents often call me a "Punk mom" and they mean it with love, but it even makes me a little uncomfortable. I suppose "punk mom" describes me more accurately than Rockabilly or Goth. But still...why is everyone trying to pigeon hole me? I'm just a lady...with 2 kids, some tattoos and interestingly colorful 1990's throw back hair. I love Loretta Lynn and Neko case and Courtney Love and Jack White and Colt Ford and Rancid. I wear jeans and t-shirts with flip flops. I love pink and teal and sometimes yellow. I believe am so so so much more than a counter-cultural stereotype!
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You're not stereotypical, you just don't seem good at satisfying the status quote in order to avoid the bull ****. I'd rather pretend to be something I'm not to reach my goal or be content and then be myself around those I love. Not that I'm weird or anything like that, just I'd don't meet the status quote from the way I dress to talking, thinking act.... Must I go on?

BrokeElectrix - yea what's up with the stereotyping anyway!!! Punk ... yea that sounds like a good description but i'm with you.. why are people so free with the titles and categories. I can see where you might get perturbed now and then at people's assumptions. I think it is great that you step out there.. out of the box and do your own thing. You seem like a very happy and colorful person and original for sure! Keep rockin your style girl and don't let the comments get to ya. Lot's of people wish they had your courage for having individual style or even knowing how to create it !.. You go girl :) xox