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I was raised by a Jehovah's Witness mother, and Hell's Angel father. I traveled around the world by the age of 9, graduated HS at 16 and had the opportunity to become a professional tennis player. I have served 2 and a half years in prison, have 14 felony counts on my criminal record, a masters degree, bipolar 1 disorder, and a successful business. Stereotype that...
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I am wondering how different your life might had been had you stayed w/your mothers religion.Have you ever thought along those lines,just curious your thoughts on that.

that's a great question. Well, you might read my story about being raised a JW...I have one under my story list. Give ya a better idea of what it was like... but honestly, if I had stayed, I would have been married right after turning 18. That isn't a custom or practice, marrying that young...however in my area and congregation it was encouraged. My mother had another JW picked out for me...and I'm sure I would have married him, might have curtailed my crime spree... probably would have been encouraged to ignore the bipolar and rely on i'd be seriously effin nuts by now... and they don't encourage higher I most def. wouldn't have had a college degree. Professional sports were a No No as that opportunity would have never even been known to me... and the business was formed as a stress reliever for the that'd be non existent as well. I guess not nearly as bumpy...but not nearly as fulfilling.

That's f**cking nuts. You're cool. Sounds like a hard life but it also sound like you made the best of it and then some. Good luck.

JW mother and Hells Angel father. wow, how did that happen?

I did my thesis on the interpersonal relationships taught within cult religions and how they affected the personality development of children. Mimicked behavior of the cult leaders is often taught...JWs are prime for follow in "Jesus'" footsteps... thru the interpretation of the governing body. Basically they are no different than a singular dictating their views which are often self glorifying... as kiddos we were exposed to a lot of adult concepts that would warp even the sanest of people. I think every ex-JW I know has a problem associating with society and feeling as if they truly fit in. It comes out in all kinds of ways... <br />
You and I, we had a split household...can imagine how bad it was for you to be different from the other was very hard for me. To be excluded within an exclusive society... I had a parent who wanted to give me the world, and another who taught me the world was out to get me. Talk about constant confusion.... i still have some physical self esteem issues from it. <br />
You keep your head up...we no longer have to live like that....and regardless of the side effects of that rearing...we can still be successful adults. We define our own path now, and we define our own definition of success. =)

I accidently stumbled upon your post... I truly relate to this. I was raised by a Jehovah's Witness mother and a skinhead father. Though my parents divorced when I was 6 and left me almost completely alone and in charge of my younger sister until I was 15 when my mother married and my sister was given a stable home. By that time I already had a serious record, as you did. Then I went on to a failed marriage, and a beautiful daughter. And now I am trying to pick up the pieces for her. I also suffer from bi-polar disorder and had post-partum depression from some childhood tramas. You have given me hope, though. Thank you for posting this.

a bout of cancer then a rather short stint of crime....followed up by a grad degree...children and a split marriage. ;)