I Am Me.. Because It's The Only Person I Truly Know How To Be

When I go to the clubs and see everyone playing the same little game it makes me sad. It seems like every person on this planet is looking for one thing and that's appearance. For some reason our society puts an emphasis on if you look good you will find love, and you will be happy but it's bullshit! I'm not a stereotype because I don't care how they see me, I don't care if they think I'm ugly, or stupid because I don't act like the typical gay male. Because I don't associate with certain people, or pretend to be something, I'm not, or get involved in a relationship because of how I feel as opposed to how hot my friends will think my new boyfriend is. I want to be liked for me not for how I dress, or look, or style my hair. That's not what I look for in a partner because that won't bring me true happiness.
Beautylieswithin93 Beautylieswithin93
18-21, M
Oct 17, 2011