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Defining Journey

I am presently evolving to a unique orientation free of speculation and concern. The peace and contentment I am experiencing makes for sharing with others. A person very close to me remarked of just much my very being seems to be radiating a shimmer that in reality draws others to feel fulfilled. A very special lady has in her way communicated the tools that I seemed to have lack to move to that special plateau. I do hope that she realizes our special relationship is a work in progress. A unique soul mate and sometime confidant with so many decent qualities could never be discarded and hurt. My heart pounds for a life with my new love; I must begin this journey carefully. I know she is an extremely intelligent woman, so I am praying for her patience during the following weeks and months. My head tells me that my heart will guide me.
MeAndMrsJones MeAndMrsJones 41-45 5 Responses Nov 8, 2011

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so true let the heart lead on this wondrous journey

Most of my partners believe within themselves that they are the dominant partner. Making them deem that they are in charge is an art; most just don't get it. I would have at a guess that you know what sex can manage two things at once. A guy that doesn't believe that he is master; usually becomes aggressive..

Very well stated! I came to realize, many years ago, that regardless of what we men like to believe, it is truly the women that rule the world. If anyone doubts this, just watch how even the most intelligent and powerful man simply falls to pieces in the presence of a pretty woman. And contrary to popular opinion (among men), most women know of this power they wield over men, and know quite well how to wield it without the men even being aware of it... or perhaps just simply not caring!

My partner/husband David "My Second" and I are sincere genuine soul mates. Being very deeply involved in the Ménage a Trio scene; we are firstly honest with each other, never jealous and never question as to the others desires and choices.

I am obsessive with the majority of tasks I assume; I have a compassionate heart but a dominant personality.

I first met her through a business contact via my partner’s security company. There was an instant electric attraction; she at that time was trying to save her marriage from crumbling. After her relationship finally ended she took apparently around 10 attempts to make contact. We have a special bond, my partner David is completely aware and is in our close circle of friends.

This elegant lady is very similar to me in credence and activities. Not only is she the absolute in essence and beauty we both eagerly share bi-sexual desires and crave the non common compulsive aspiration to encompass gratifying males relationships. With her being 12 years younger my ego has been entirely fulfilled.