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I am very unique. I love to dance and I love to read and I love alot of things. I love the club scene but I wish I knew how to work it better at the club. let's dface it, there are alot of girls out there at the club that are not worthy of dating. However, there are alot of girls out there at the club that ARE worthy of dating. can any of you guys (or girls) help me out on this and give me some good techniques to use when I'm there to maybe start a conversation or to get a girls attention? Please Please Please help. I just need some good advice. Thanks

Southpaw85 Southpaw85
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1 Response May 21, 2008

Now let me start off by saying that I haven’t been to a club in a looooong time and I am married so I may be totally off but I’ll give it a try lol. I’m sure someone else will chime in with some advice. <br />
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Ok so we all know that the club is not the best place to meet someone and not just because it is a club but because it is such a chaotic setting. You have a bunch of people that may be inebriated and not necessarily acting like themselves plus it's kind of hard to conversate with someone when you have to resort to yelling in their ear lol. <br />
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A polite, respectful, confident, and charming man is usually what a single, respectable girl is looking for when she goes out. If you see a girl who is cute.....tell her so then casually walk away. If you see a single girl at the bar (make sure she is single!!) ask the bartender what she is drinking, buy the drink for her, and when she makes eye contact with you smile and walk away. She’ll approach you if she is interested and if she doesn’t………oh well it was just a drink not a new Mercedes. Don't linger around her or stalk her all night that is just annoying and it is uncomfortable especially if she is not interested in you. The key is to give her, her space don’t be pushy or obnoxious let her come to you (or meet her half way if you know for sure that she is interested). Set yourself apart from all the idiots out there that are disrespectful and down right rude. There are a ton of pervs out there and only a handful of gentleman. Take the high road and be the gentleman in the end you will finish on top. Good luck………