No, I Do Not Have A Napoleonic Complex...

I am guessing that I have always been this way and I believe it is because of my 4'11" stature mixed with an ultra competetive big Brother and a huge helping of "Yes You Can" from people I believe saw and wanted to stop the sadness radiating from my whole being.

I have always been "unique" in a world where there was very little room for being that way and less appreciation. I was forced to play sports as this tiny kid who was always the last sent to play on any team; which did not hurt as much as the parents who would say nasty things like "Oh well, Stacey isn't going to win this with HER on our team" or later when the Coach, who seemed to not know I was right there, as he told the girls to "give her a chance...She may not be able to hit a ball but she can run like the wind, we'll have her bunt and run". It's important for the reader to know that I became a great runner b/c I was forced, almost daily, to outrun my tormentors-be they Nun, Pastor, Neighbor, Girl or Boy.

In any case, I made it my life's goal to never get caught and to win at all costs, because that seemed the only way to get anything close to positive remarks.

Will be back when I collect my thoughts again.

sec1911 sec1911
41-45, F
May 10, 2012