I Am Not Your Stereotypical Anything...

Nothing about me fits with the stereotype. I guess in some ways it’s good to be different but it would also be nice sometimes to actually have the care free life that stereotypically I should be having!

Stereotypical student – No. Stereotypical 25 year old – No. Stereotypical family – No. Stereotypical (for my age etc) worries and problems – No. Stereotypical life experience thus far – No. Stereotypical social life – No. Stereotypical hobbies & interests – No.
TwistedEmber TwistedEmber
22-25, F
1 Response May 10, 2012

Thanks for the comment. Yeah in a lot of ways I'm glad I'm not a stereotype, how boring would it be if everyone was the same, all fitting nicely with stereotypes. Sometimes it's better to be a bit different, I guess having differences is what makes everyone individual and interesting. Still if I was stereotypical life would be soo much easier!