What's Going On With The Adult Pool Party?

I am planning and adult pool party to take place sometime this summer. Some of us have kids and need to make sure all the kids are babysat. It's not like we can do it spontaneously.
At first everyone was all for it, after a day of drinking probably. Everybody is still for it, but one of the women wants to throw a wrench in my plan. She thinks that ONLY THE WOMEN should go skinny dipping together, and the men stay home with all the kids. She says how her hubby is parinoid about other men seein her ****. I asked her, who the hell is gonna grill the food?! We gotta have our men! Then she says that her hubby could cook for us gals, and I'm like, WHAT? then I want my hubby to be there too--I told her that part of the excitement was that it was MEN and WOMEN. I'm not lettin her hijack my party, and I don't want any other ******* takin her view. I won't even bother, if it's only women. That doesn't turn me on, it's fine and prolly would be fun....but not the kinda fun I want!
I just hate it when I have an idea, other people try to change it completely!!!
I guess her hubby is insecure, but I really like this couple. they are two of our closest friends.
I don't even know what I should do! Maybe just forget the whole damn thing and skinny dip with my man on our own. This next couple is more than willing, and even said they might duck behind the bushes for some 'woopy'. But, this next couple isn't nearly as hot as the first couple. Sorry, sue me, I prefer to be naked with hot people. The 4th couple in our group may not make it because her husband just got out of the hospital after a freaky unforeseen health condition.
Do you think I should call it off???
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14 Responses May 17, 2012

Like you said, it's your party, why should someone else decide how to have it..**** her!

"I'm not lettin her hijack my party, and I don't want any other ******* takin her view. I won't even bother, if it's only women. That doesn't turn me on" - I literally loled. I hope you had the party.

You're pretty ******* awesome Jilly.

Have the party if she doesn't want to come it will be OK

That's right hell I would jump at the chance have tried to get my friends to have one

I think you should tell that one woman, It's a coed party and if it's not cool with her hubby then they can either join or not join. If no one else comes over then you still have yourself and hubby like you would if you cancelled.

I see this post is almost a year old. I also noted that to one of the responses you said, "innocent fun." I hope you are planning another party this 4th. Sometimes these things take several years to really get going. I agree with all the respondents who said it is your party and your rules. I'm reminded of a Robert Heinlein quote, "A committee is a body with six or more arms and legs and no head." Don't let a committee of your friends tell you how to give a party. Let them give a party at their home if they insist on doing it "their way." The very best of good wishes for your party July 4th, 2013.

What did you end up doing?

I think you should go over to your friends house, pull your blouse off and give him a blow job. Tell me he needs to be at the party.

On your way out, give her a kiss good bye

Let me know and I will ***. Is it byop

Well it is October so did you have your adult swim party i really hope you did cause it sounded like allot of fun!! It is so hard to get that many people together doing something like this if they aren't all open to begin with!!

its your party you make the rules

NO matter the kind of party, someone will be upset. Enjoy. And if you need a sitter, our son can baby sit and we will join you in the pool.

Plan your party the way you want. Just like at a nude beach, who looks out of place the nudes or the ones with clothes on. They will do one of two things join you or leave. My bet is they will join you. Especially if Jim, Jack and Jose are there. (Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and Jose Cuervo) If you have some friends on the fringe invite them as well. I had an adult party, and you would not believe what clothes were on the bottom of the pool the next morning. Add me as a friend.

It's your party!.....Go ahead with your plans as it was in the beginning....everybody will have a fun time once they get there and the alcohol loosens them up....HAVE FUN!!!

Proceed with your plans!