a Gemini...perfect Description

I was born in he latter part of May which makes me a Gemini.

This is perfect! A gemini represents "The Twins"

Perfect! I am not quite sure how people see me.

Sometimes I think they are intimidated, sometimes I think they just dont notice me, sometimes I think they are scared of me and sometimes I think they feel they need to try to test me.

I am very shy... But people dont know that.  They just assume I am quiet.

I am an awkward conversationalist when it comes to people who have something to offer me. i.e managers, clients, some colleagues, team leaders etc.

I hate crowds. I actually get panic attacks in crowds.

But I wish I were different. I think people may see me as the angry black girl. Or perhaps they see me as the friendly black girl, or perhaps they just see me as teh token black girl. God knows....

I dont think people know what to expect from me, and worst of all I dont even know what to expect which is even scarier. If I knew myself, and knew how I typically do things then I would feel safer and more confident because I would know, in this type of situation this is the type of person I am. I am the wall flower, or I am the life of the party.

But unfortunately it doesnt work that way.

Some days I feel like partying it up in the middle of the dance floor, other days I dont even feel like walking in the door.

I wish I had a stereotype. It would just make my life that much easier because then I would KNOW who I was, and waht to expect from myself.

Unfortunately at this point, I am just in limbo still trying to find my niche...

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Hi fellow gemini.. I am one too through and through. may 27th. I understand where your coming from. i could talk someones ear off and entertain a crowd. I am also known as quiet and held back.. and stuck in the shadows sometimes..

Fitting yourself to the stereotype seems the right way to go because so many people fit that certain category but being yourself shows true character and personality, I say be yourself and dont cave in. Just reading your entry you sound like an interesting person (in a good way =P). Wish you the best and be yourself! Giminis rule!!

As Gemini's we are just confusing, to ourselves and to others. I have learned to love that spontaneity that my personality offers me. Some days I am happy go lucky, some days don't come near me unless you feel like getting into a very loud argument that I will inevitably win. Some days both of the above statements.<br />
<br />
I know it seems really REALLY difficult now, but I think you will learn to love those quirky things about yourself. I think it makes you, and us unique!

I am also a Gemini.(June 10) The greatest thing about being a Gemini is, that nobody can ever nail you down. So to speak. We always keep them guessing.

I'm also a Gimini, so I totally get this.

I'm also a Gimini, so I totally get this.

keep looking, keep exploring - yourself, your feelings, your wants, beliefs, your needs.<br />
but don't do it to find a niche.<br />
do it to know yourself better. <br />
do it to feel more comfortable with yourself. <br />
do it so you can move and flow through the world the way you want to. which ain't gonna be the same way every time. it isn't for anyone.<br />
when you experiment and come to know yourself better, i think you'll find that you are not looking for an equation: "ok, when this happens, i should do this"<br />
but rather you're looking for the confidence to just take it on the fly and do what you feel like doing in the moment you're in.<br />
and people will be ok with that. at least the people that matter.<br />
you may think the way you do about how others see you because of your inner stress of trying to figure out what you think you're supposed to be. <br />
or how you're supposed to act in such and such a situation.<br />
i think you need to relax. believe in yourself. and know that life is a journey, with all kinds of twists and turns, it is not a destination where everything is 'glued' in place. and 1+1 always equals 2.<br />
by the way, i'm a gemini too. (-: born june 7th.<br />
and i have felt like you describe feeling.<br />
and this is what i try to do. so maybe it would help you too.<br />
take care of yourself always. you are your own. and your life is your own. and sometimes that's all we have control over. whether or not we want to go dancing tonight.<br />
thanks for sharing of yourself.

don't,please don't want to be a stereotype,for that's not all as you might think!Would you rather be "one of them" or stand out.You're just great the way you are,you don't need to fit in,i never ever did,good it's true,that ain't a picknick either but i know for sure that some of the other girls who did fit in,weren't thamselves.But acted to be someone else so they would be able to fit in,and that saddens me.For just think how much they need to lie and hide the things the others find "not normal".I myself could never do that for lieing to another makes you lie to yourself.