"two Roads Diverged In A Wood...

...and I, I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."

-- Robert Frost

I memorized that poem in fourth grade. I am much older now, and somehow still remember this whole thing. At the time I picked it randomly, frustrated that I had to memorize anything.
Who would of thought this poem could mean so much to me now. It's meaning taught me something I'd like to share.
We are all artists. Painting our future, creating out present, trying to repair our past. And as an artist, if you hate being boring, don't try to be perfect. You don't need to be that person your parents are pushing you to be if it makes you miserable. If you have money, don't be another "real housewives of..." but still treat yourself to nice things. Be humble. If you do something outstanding, get a big head. Be proud. Then make mistakes. Be embarrassed. Get over it. Forget the people who've upset you. Remember those who you love. Figure people out. Figure yourself out. Don't be influenced. Be influenced. Regret that time you were influenced. Laugh at that time you were influenced. Wear that outfit you didn't think you could pull off. Pull it off. Be proud of yourself. Love yourself. We're all human.
Life is all an opportunity to take risks. It's the roads we choose to travel, not the one's others have made for you.
Not everything ends up perfect, but that's what defines us as an individual.
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18-21, F
Jun 7, 2012