'i Believe I Am The Ultimate Contradiction'

Yes i can safely say i am not your stereotypical ANYTHING!
Firstly i am mixed-heritage but with black skin, i was born in Britain, my mother is half Black half Spanish, and my father is Black.
So i consider myself to be black british with a mixed heritage.

I am not loud,common, nor over confident, though i am not quiet nor subservient.
i have NEVER smoked,
drank alcohol,
done drugs,
gone clubbing
or EVER been in a drunken brawl in my life,

yet i am not boring, nor lacking in character,humour, or friends, nor lost for things to do, nor have a need to be around people that choose to live their lives doing these things or takeing these vices,

And nor do i, have i, or will i EVER judge those same people, look down apun them, begrudge them or wish to change them in order to please me or be anything like me.
I am honest yet keep my heart close to my chest,
i am loving, tender and a very caring gentle woman,
yet i am strong, independent and will fight for friends/family, honesty, truth and justice & just as easily stand alone & blow against the wind when doing so if needs be.

I have been bullied through out my life for resons ranging from;
jealiousy, insecurity and out right ignorant people, yet i do not sit at home and wallow about it or make awful decicions and blame them on my traumatic teenage years.

Nor do i feel that anyone that does do that should be rediculed into feeling that they are a faliure.

I do not feel that there is ANY need for racism in this world, nor do i feel that it will ever fully be removed from this world.
i DO not believe that there is any one
OR SEXUAL ORIENTATION that has the right to claim that they are better or superior then the rest of us.
Yet i do not feel that this will ever be solved or realised, or that man kind will ever be fully understand that we are a united world and should stand together as such.

I do not feel that it is fair that i prefer women over men and long for a woman/girlfriend/or wife-yet i have married a straight man, a loving man, a honest man knowing all of this in my mind,
yet i choose to run and hide from who i really am in order to keep my family from not judgeing me, i do not think this is fair to have done this to my husband....
yet i am human so that AUTOMATICALLY means i am NOT PERFECT and when we all FINALLY realise this-we will finally stop trying so hard, stop trying to please, stop longing for exceptance and start loving ourselves, eachother and our beautiful world that we take for granted in every single way possible.
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1 Response Jul 8, 2012

Humans are typical. No matter what path you choose, many others have chosen the same path at some point in the history of human race. Though your message is beautiful and one I agree with, stereotypes exist for a reason, and we all play up to instinct, genetics, and behavioral factors of our species.

Im not sure wheather that was a comlpiment or not lol, but thanks anyway.
Im not sure stereo types 'exist for a reason' i think we as human beings see one person doing something then the next thing we know we are saying to a complete stranger well your 'bound' to do that as you are the same A,B,C,D as that person....and it probably started from there.
but i get the jest of what you are saying ;-)