This Is So Me

I am that book that is nothing like the cover. I get it all day long, I attract a lot of attention, and it was intended when I worked, now that I don't do that job anymore its more a bother then needful. But yet this is who I am and I dont want to change that, if you saw me you would understand... Im the ultimate conundrum, and even though my looks ask it, the real me don't want it. I would never be with someone who would be with someone like me, i wouldn't even talk to someone like me, unless I knew they were really not like me. Its funny because im in a new profession that the way i look and act are certainly not expected, and after a few minutes, and odd looks of amazement they are blown away at how well I do my job, I often get asked where I attended school, i speak better then I write, spelling is not my strong suite so I avoid words I cant spell, but I speak 5 languages, thats a lot to keep track of.. You would never guess that Im a good guy, and where my morals and ethics stand, you would never believe where Ive been and what Ive done, when they say dont judge a book by the cover, they are talking about me..
Wizdumb Wizdumb
36-40, M
2 Responses Jul 14, 2012

I believe you're a good man :-)

Good for you. This is all a bit vague, but somehow, you made your point.