What I Mean Is ......

To say that I'm a man does not mean I lack the same depth of sensitivity and romance that a woman does, nor does it mean that I try to control everything and go around thinking I'm Gods gift to women.
To say that I'm twenty-two years old does not mean I lack the knowledge to assist you, the experience to understand you, the grace to help you, or the heart to truly love you. It doesn't mean I don't carry just as many burdens or just as much pain as you, however, it does mean that I haven't had too many years to figure out the best ways to apply myself to all these things, so I may screw up from time to time.
To say that I am single does not mean I'm some ugly jerk that can't score a date or some kind of creeper. It doesn't mean I'm model material either, I might not get stares, but I don't glares. It also doesn't mean that I am looking, whatever happens happens.
To say that I'm a loner does not mean I choose to be but rather it may have chosen me and that I may be obliged to live as such. It also doesn't mean that I'm not friendly, outgoing, fun, flirty, loving, and caring.
To say I'm complicated doesn't mean I'm a chronically depressed psycho, and you shouldn't be afraid. It also doesn't mean that I'm someone that can be figured out.
Lord knows if that was possible, I'd probably have different labels for myself.
JustAFriendlyNinjaKiss JustAFriendlyNinjaKiss
22-25, M
Aug 22, 2012