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When They Find Out....

I have been living this life for a while now. Like 6 yrs. going on 7 soon. Now, people that know me know, understand a treat me like anyone else. This sometimes causes people to be uncomfortable with me. See, I am a contemplative, religious, laity and I live a celibate life. Yes, I did willingly give up any physical intimacy with another person. I imagine people think that I should be this prim and proper, church lady, stuffy, close minded woman. Maybe a zealot to others. Not at all true in my case. In fact, I rather enjoy the laughing and yes a good beer too. I'm not pushy and if others were not told they would not even know what my lifestyle is like. I love people and every one of the different personalities they may have. I am the last person to judge anyone and know that if not by the grace of God I would/could make the same mistakes. Please remember that we are as human as everyone else. We just pray and talk with God more than others do. :) You can talk to me about anything and please don't run away or avoid me because you think I will preach to you. That is not my style and will leave that to the professionals. I will however, in the privacy of my own home pray for you.
Thanks for listening to me vent!:) Take care and be at peace all!:)
Martha45 Martha45 41-45, F 6 Responses Aug 29, 2012

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u know wht was the best part of your whole story ?this one:
"I will however, in the privacy of my own home pray for you."
so many blessings to you...sunshines!

Thank you and blessings to you as well. :) Prayer is prayer no matter how we differ in our way it is still prayer and important.

yeah rightly said!i believe tht wht best we can do for others and for ourselves is to pray!when no other way we have or even we have!

I just love you more for your honesty dear friend. love&hugs michelle

Oh your too sweet to me! I love you too and hugs my friend.:)

thecarer, thanks for your nice response. I can always use another friend. Especially one that will be respectful of me. :) I may be in touch and please do feel free to contact me anytime to chat or just to say hi!:) Take care and be at peace!

As you say your human too! so am i and I too am not your typical adult male but believe in live and let live but if you need help come to me!(no pun intended) I too enjoy a beer and am celibate but that's as finished relationship and not looking for another maybe in future but at present like how things are!

Thanks for the response! I love the honesty you sent to me. I was just feeling self pity is all. I'm better now and thanks! Take care and peace to you as well!:)

Won't run away, don't worry :) There's a whole section for asexuals, so giving up on it because of your beliefs is hardly strange in here. :p<br />