Break Away

It seems today that this world is all about stereotypes. It starts when you're in high school, I guess. You have your jocks, you preps, your nerds, your freaks, and your loners. Moving on up in life and it's the same thing in college. Even when you reach adulthood, stereotypes stick around, be you a "mindless office drone", or a "naive entrepreneur".

I feel glad that I don't fit in to any of these stereotypes. Nothing influences the way that I am. People who think you must look this way, act this way, dress this way are not people at all. The very core of human being in individuality. If you let yourself be stamped by cliques and stereotypes, you've taken that individuality away, and then where are you? Plus, stamps are with you for a long time; they don't come off easily.

I may not always agree with "popular opinion", whatever that means, but I'm popular with who it counts: my friends. You look at us and disregard us as the unimportant middlemen, we look at you and pass you off as slaves to the in crowd.

No one should let themselves be labeled. That's taking away what's different and unique about us. What makes us, us.
Seventh Seventh
18-21, M
May 3, 2007