Don't Try To Peg Me....

....'cause you won't get it right. I have always been misread as an innocent girl when I was younger. As an older woman I am now seen as a suburban mom, or something along those lines. While I am a mother I am so much more. Although I've always been submissive, I'm far from innocent. There are chapters in my life I would say don't cross the paths of many others...a survivor of child molestation, drug abuse and divorced parents. Being brought up by a feminist mother in a radical leftist group of the 60's was not easy. She always hated men and wanted to blow up banks to fight the man. An unwelcome place for a submissive girl.

But, I've also seen the world, became an artist and appreciate the many cultures around me. I take time to look at nature as well, very closely. My new chapter is a strong takes a very strong person to surrender to their submissive desires. It's a chapter that I am welcoming wholeheartedly.
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Me too...I am not your stereotypical anything either.
I am not a jock, I am not a nerd, I am not a burnout...I am not in band.
I was not the most popular or the least liked...
Never the teachers pet...
Everyone knew/knows me
And has an opinion...?
That being,
"That guy....
I would even know how to explain him...because once I start...I seem to get it wrong by the end."

there's many stories in there i feel.......

thanks for asking! i'm a real wimp, hardly ever add (silly i know)... look forward to getting to know you x

do you know, i joined to talk to guys, and ended up chatting all the time to the girls! I revert to me! Its funny..... join in :D yeah!

Good for you that you escaped that mindset.

I truly enjoyed reading this biographical info expression. It allows Me a deeper understanding of your psychi. It is very interesting and very informative. For you to have been able to expirience the ugly of childhood and the extreme anger of feminism, and still develope into a stable and selfaware woman is a testament to your own intelligence and understanding. Congratulations on a successfull life . I am wondering about the very close study of nature though.... Hmmmmm?? ; ) Master1A

i can soo relate to everything you have said here. people tend to put others into categories, and it is usually wrong.

as a submissive male, it amazes me that some others think we are weak or spineless

A submissive must be strong enough to accept what happens

How did this chapter star for u

You certainly sounds like you know your own mind.

I'd like to "peg" you, only in a very different way. I'm pretty sure my peg will fill your hole quite nicely. I'm loving your diamond back seamed stockings as well. Might even get some for myself. Will you post these photos in an ep album? I'd really like to see an album with all these lovely rear views!