Im Tired of It All

everyday that i go to school someone tries to tell me wat stereo type i fall under and everyday im something different but one day some one called me gothic and there is nothing wrong wioth being gothic or anything but im not but they came to that conclusion beause i wear dark clothes

but you know the very next day someone called me a tom boy (im not insinuating any thing or anything like that but) all of the people who say that they are goth at our school dont like sports and i like sports and they all wear make up i hate make up

*im not trying to say that everyone who says that they are goth wears make up and hates sports*

imXhereXbutXyouXdontXseeXme imXhereXbutXyouXdontXseeXme
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11 Responses May 13, 2007

well being you is the best thing that you could be. =+]

im just me :D

but maybe my personality has changed as well as my look and reactions. so in effect i myself have changed because everythng that i am is a part of me, so being proud of the changes i have made is being proud of a miniscule part of myself which when you put all of the little changes i have made together will pretty much add up to all of

but they are not to yourself because they are not changes to the person, just changes to the person's reactions and appearance etc...

but if the changes were to myself then they are myself which means that in being proud of the changes i am in effect proud of myself as well. =+]

well the main thing is not to be proud of the changes but to be proud of being yourself. X

lol. thanx i think. i do kind of like some of the changes that i have made over the past couple of years tho'.lol.

in my opinion you are still the same person so you havent changed.

lol. i've changed a little since i wrote that, but i still wear dark<br />
thanx, btw.

if you're a goth then i like your style, im not a goth but i wear dark clothes ;)

that sounds like something that would be in a fortune cookie. like really ummm philosiphical(?).