I'm Just Human

I may be an addict but I am not the stereotypical type. Yes I have a bad habit and spend a great deal of money on it, but I also hold a steady job and have my own house, car, clothes, and extra money.

I am not a the type of addict that comes to most people's minds. You know, the one you would normally see on t.v. that is in the alley tweaking out begging for money or selling their body. I am not that, although I was living on the street at one point in my life, I never stooped to the level of selling my body nor will I ever.

I never allow anyone see me tweak, because well is a horrid sight and I don't think anyone really wants to see that. I may have an addiction, but I do like my image in others eyes to be decent. 

I am only human, I make mistakes on daily bases just as everyone else. I made a huge mistake that I can't take back by starting to use, yes I do regret it. Yes, I hate myself everytime I use. Once I have it in my system it is all gone the regret, the pain, and the guilt. Life is hard, not just for me but for everyone. Some people cope differently than others. I cope by completely numbing myself.. WHY? Well because since I was 12 that's what I have done.. I was 14 when I stumbled across the devil, and sold my soul that same night with that very first hit... I never was the same, and never will be...

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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

Powerful share ... I know that place ... been there and back more than once.
Life on life's terms is what it is.
... no judgement
... just much love