Case In Point

 I don't follow the latest trends in hairstyles ...
gave up on that a long time ago....  I had my own little dress shop and back in the nineties one lady that came in was so enchanted with my hair , she bought a line of wigs to sell to her customers that were similar to the look of my hair!
  She came in one day and I asked how her wigs were selling in her salon !  She said terrible !  Awful! No way would anyone buy one, many people tried them on, but no one liked the way they looked and everyone said they were way too hot !!  So she said she was stuck with 8 or 10 wigs in various shades and was going to try and wear them herself !!!
  You have to have the right attitude, and moxy to just be yourself and wear the clothes you prefer and your hair (however!) and not care what others think or say..... Go for it , you may start a new trend , or not, but who cares, have some fun and no worries what others think, as long as you are happy with yourself !
longwaytogo longwaytogo
46-50, F
May 22, 2007