A Maze Of Contradictions?

Hmm, stereotypical, that's not me either, not at all. For example, get this...........

I'm very intelligent, yet dropped out of school at 14. I can be crass, vulgar, and generally offensive, but I'm scrupulous and moral, almost to a fault.  I'm well mannered, but I'll burp in public, just for the shock factor. I hate romance, but I'm in love with love. I appear to have it all together, yet underneath it all, I"m a quivering, frightened mess. Ohhh, the list goes on, and onnnn. HA!

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9 Responses Dec 30, 2006

Confront your fear. The next time it rains walk out of your house naked and scoff at the people in coats and carrying umbrellas. It might not cure your underlying dillema but it might make you feel a little better.

wow, I can relate. I'm a whole lot of contridictions as well.

i think thats actually the typical everyone!<br />
imean everyone is trying to appear as if they have it all figured out when they dont... everyone is looking for a little attention ... whats different is the way u get it and how far u would go to get what you want <br />
i think what really makes some one different is when they can be true to themselves and actually not let anything get in their way of becoming who they want to be, not even themselves.

I too fit, I'm soft and a sissy yet 6' ,250Lbs.and work in construction.

i disgree with garlicfan your a god. Ignore his sarcasm your so cool and not normal if anything stereotypical you are a stereotypical loozer

Dropped out of school at 14? Huh. YOU MUST BE A GENIUS!! Zomgz, and you're a walking contradiction. You are so bad ***, so bad *** in fact I feel I must surrender all I have to you're might. Please have mercey you beautiful burping saint.

I'm like that as well, I can do a lot when it comes to artistic measures but when it comes to real life I'm a litlle.. well.. **** at it! But I'm getting their.. slowly. Thank god for the internet!

Wow you remind me of me. I never finished college but when I was there I had a 3.8 avg. I could have been honors all the way. I can be sweet yet crude. I am a F/T Mom, F/T Wife and am a F/T professional all things at once yet feel I don't do enough, does that make sense?

Yea! Way to be!