Dont Lable Me!!!

just because i like the sick and twisted concepts of the supernatural and the virtual side to things doesn't make me anything......just becuase i listen to my chemical romance and wear the "emo" style doesn't make me much more than just part of a can call me emo i don't care because the way i dress kind of asks to be called emo but the fact is that i am also an individual. Dont just see me as "the depressive emo girl" who sits in a corner drawing...the factis i can be a really socialable person i just like to be left alone so fed up of this stupid high school buisness!!!!
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3 Responses Jun 14, 2007

It is my belief that it is not my job to judge...<br />
<br />
Many blessings to you ....<br />
{the dark side DOES have the best cookies!}<br />

Yeah I feel ya. You'll be judge all your life and it sucks. I hate it ... sometimes my boyfriend calls me emo... i don't get it. (we didn't have emo when i was in highschool anyway lol)

It is up to society to judge you. They will there is no stopping it. It is up to you to care if they do.