Where Do I Start?

This is new for me.  I have just discovered I have ADD.  I am 41 years old. Married twenty years, mother of five. Totally over myself but am very keen to find out how to move on from this way of thinking. Before I sound like a total misery, the irony is that i have many friends and family that think i'm great, including my husband. I have also suffered depression and anxiety on and off for ten years.  The ADD is just the icing on the cake.  Sort of answers alot of questions though. Now, what do I do.  Anyone out there who can help? Keen to hear, Virgo.
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1 Response Jun 16, 2007

I can identify with the anxiety and depression. I've been on disability with depression for the last four years.I'm also coming up on four years sober after 37 years of drug and alcohol addition. The thing is the last four years of not working have allowed me to learn many things about myself I otherwise wouldn't had time to do otherwise. I wouldn't want to re-experience many of the things I have gone through but I would not really change them because they have made me the man I am now and I've come to like myself. I was married for twenty years when my wife divorced me due to the drugs and alcohol. We both ended up working on ourselves for the next three years and as a result will celebrate two years of remarriage on 9/10/07. This is mostly due to the incredible person my wife is. She has a tendency to be ADD also,however I like to think of her as "diversified". She definitely keeps me alert because sometimes she won't finish a sentence before going on to the next subject. We've come to find ways of lovingly "confront" each other's annoying behavior and accept each other for who we are. It sounds like your husband may be one of those exceptional individuals that will be able to help and love you through whatever trials the ADD may bring. I've found that a support group that has experience what I've gone through is helpful but the greatest thing is having someone love you in spite of your character defects. I don't know what your spirituality,if any, might be but when I discovered that God not only loved me unconditionally but took DELIGHT in me it turned my life around. No matter what anyone else thinks about me or does to me I know I have one relationship I can always count on and that is more than enough to satisfy me. Hope this post may have something in it that helps. Would love to hear your thoughts.