Gold and Silver Waltz

I don’t think I am Stereotypical; I am more of an individual, and in many ways a very unusual person, some would perhaps call me naïve.  But I don’t think I am naïve; it is just the way I feel and the way I look at life, again as an individual.


Here is my story:


Gold and Silver waltz by Franz Lehar


Shakespeare wrote:  If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it.


I wrote:  In beautiful music there is no sin, only beauty and happiness.


From a very early age, I wanted to play the violin and become a conductor.  But my parents could not afford to buy me a violin or pay music lessons for me.  So, I never played the violin and did not become a conductor.


But I spent hours, in my house, standing near the record player and conducting the music with a stick.


And when I went to parties at my relatives’ place, for Christmas, New Year and for Birthdays, the music that was always played at that time, was the music of the Strauss family and that of Franz Lehar, especially the waltzes.


Instead of dancing with the pretty girls, I stood all night near the record player, conducting the music.  I was not at all shy; I just had to do it.


This passion for conducting has never left me.  I am still doing it today, when I watch music on the television or my music DVDs.


When I am conducting these beautiful waltzes, I am truly lost to the world, and see only beauty and happiness.


Two of my favourite waltzes are:  The Blue Danube by Johan Strauss and Gold and Silver waltz by Franz Lehar.


About a year ago, I had a pen pal from Sweden.  One day she told me that her aunt was getting married.  Of course I did not know the aunt and she knew nothing about me.  Do you know what I did?


I asked my pen pal to tell her aunt about me and told her that I wish her all the happiness in the world and suggested to her that she should play, at the reception, for the first waltz, the Gold and Silver waltz by Franz Lehar.   It is such a romantic and elegant waltz and I thought that having this particular waltz at her wedding, would bring her and her new husband so much joy and happiness.


My pen pal’s aunt agreed to play this music as the first waltz at her wedding reception if she could find the CD.  Obviously, she did not have it.


As I did not have that particular CD myself, I searched for it on the Internet in all the big stores I could find.  I found the CD in Paris.  I immediately ordered it and asked it to be sent to my pen pal.  I then sent an email to my Pen pal telling her that she would soon received a CD from me and that she should give it to her aunt.


Alas, the CD got to her too late, a few days after the wedding, so she could not play it on her wedding day.  Nevertheless, she got a present from me.


You may think that I am naïve to do something like that; especially when I never knew my pen pal’s aunt and that she did not know anything about me.


To me, it does not matter if I know someone personally or not; I do wish people to be happy in their lives regardless, whether I know them personally or not.  And if I can contribute something, however trivial, to cause them to be happy, I would do it with tears in my eyes, tears of happiness.  Why shouldn’t I?


Now, I still have an ambition, that to conduct a full orchestra in the Gold and Silver waltz by Franz Lehar, which I would dedicate to everyone in our world, to wish them all happiness in their lives.


I am still praying for this wish to come true; perhaps one day it will.


The moral here, is that, I only wish people, everyone in our world, to be happy in their lives, regardless if I know them personally or not.


Am I being naïve?  I don’t think so.  Why shouldn’t I wish everyone on this earth to be happy?


France Chorley


Would you care to be my pen pal?  If so, please be nice and write to me on my email address, which is:


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1 Response Jun 16, 2007

I think random acts of kindness are such a great thing. Anonymous acts are especially close to my heart. Sending that CD to your pen pal was a really cool thing to do.<br />
<br />
The way I see it, the things that we do in life are all potentials. Potential to be great. Potential to create happiness. Potential to create awe and wonder. When you do things for other people there's no guarantee they will appreciate it, but there is potential. If they appreciate it, it was worth it. If not, it was STILL worth it, simply because of the potential. Eventually, sooner or later, what you do will become more than a potential and become a reality. That's why potential is so valuable.<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing your story.