ADD? Or Hyperthinker?

In reply to a woman who posted her story of being labeled as ADD, please, take heart.

I'm ADD, and I've been that way my whole life.  I really don't see that it is a "disorder", I was a normal boy growing up, raised by a loving family who taught me to question and understand everything.

I would work hard in school, and my intelligence, knowledge, and capabilities were not just ignored by the schools, they were actually dismissed!

In 5th Grade (1975),  I was submitted for my first reading test, and it was found that read at the 12th grade 3rd semester level.  The school simply assumed I cheated, and I had to take the test again, with a different proctor, in a different location.  My results were the same.

This was my first brush with the school systems, who don't like you to be "abnormal" in any way.  My capabilities were continually ignored by teachers, as boisterous, disruptive, or simply obnoxious.  I would challenge the teachers on their weak explanations of theories, and constantly had notes to take home. 

The school system stopped testing my reading comprehension in 7th grade, when I was off all of the charts for speed, and was comprehending 92% of everything I read.  (the average adult only comprehends ~80% of what they read)

Sadly, this world has determined that those of us that are "different", and decides that we are a "problem".

Well, I found the solution.  I work in Information Security, and love my work.  I have the ability to stretch my mind, move from task to task, and maintain my day, as my mind and my personality choose.  It's the best environment for someone with ADD, (my personal opinion), and many of my colleagues also share the label of ADD.

Take a look at a few of these links that I've posted, as they show the "other side" of ADD... and the great things that we with a "disorder" contribute to our world. 

I believe that anyone who has been diagnosed with ADD, is simply a very intelligent person, who is not mentally challenged.  Teachers, doctors, and the rest of our country needs to take notice, if we keep those intellects from being cultivated, by labeling and shunning those who are unchallenged, bored, and mentally quicker, we are not going to have the capability to invent anything in our country again.  We've already made the shift from world producer to world consumer.

Have no fear, you're among friends... :)

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dc0de, this is great stuff. I did all my best learning outside of school, and school served me as a training place for what's screwed up about our culture.<br />
<br />
I admire how you survived all the negative pressure and came out of it intact and ready to make a real contribution with your abilities. And I totally agree with your assessment. The way our schools stultify bright young minds ready to learn and blaze trails is criminal.