If Everyone Is Unique Then Being Unique Does Not Make You Unique

It's funny, we all want to feel part of something larger than ourselves, look at the swell of mindless patriotism lately, and yet we all want to feel unique.  My life ran just the opposite, a swirl of contradictions that set me apart until ultimately I realized I wasn't so different from most, at least not essentially.  Patrician family, world famous father, fabulous schools, exotic adventures to far off countries, Manic Depression, drug smuggling, prison, proud fatherhood, always identifying most closely with minority groups like Jews and Blacks though almost archetypically WASP - squash playing Volvo driving - career slacker - several visits to mental hospitals finally toxin-free for 6+ years and author of a fabulous book - Invisible Driving by Alistair McHarg, available on Amazon.  For a peek at 4 chapters visit my website www.invisibledriving.com.  I used to be the shyest kid on the block, now I'm shameless and fearless, plugging my wildly confessional tale not just because it's good and others will enjoy it, but because it does something that's never been done before, it takes readers inside a Manic episode.  No, gentle reader, I am no stereotype, I am a horse of a different color.  From fighting forest fires in Alaska to having lunch in the White House the day my father received the National Medal of Arts, my life has been anything but average. 
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I went to your web site and read the excerpts from "Invisible Driving"- I liked them a lot. Thanks.

What an incredibly interesting realization... I'd never thought ot it that way before.<br />
<br />
Thoise of us who took pride in not being "Stereotypical Anythings" wouldn't be able to if everyone else did. For uniqueness to be unique, there have to be those who are not.