I Am Myself

In fact, i am so not stereotypical that i don't fit into the stereotype of people who aren't stereotypical

wow... this post is pretty lame i'm sorry guys if you're reading this i really do feel bad for you... spending time reading my useless stories =(

well in short i dont really have anything to say... sorry guys
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3 Responses Jun 20, 2007

Hah! I thought there was something not quite right about the "not stereotypical" group being one of the largest ones here.<br />
<br />
Should we start an I Am Not A Joiner group?

don't worry about posting "good" and "bad" posts! i dont think its actually that bad. it was fine until u began feeling bad about ur post. uh uh! => keep posting!

at least you try... just kidding! that was actually quite a wise statement. i joined the "i am completely random" group and realized, wait, that was sooooo not completely random! i'm a pathetic banana. :)