i'm 21. i love vinyl. ashtrays (i don't smoke). learing italian (i'm a french/german mutt). knitting (again. i'm 21. and my best friend loves telling everyone i knit... bc ppl laugh). old cameras. i'm studious and lazy. i'm motivated and apathetic. i've got an old soul and dig me some louis armstrong and ella fitzgerald, but can rock out to some queen or escape the fate or david gray. i could stare at art all day, yet i can't draw or paint or sculpt well enough to save my life, if the need should arise. i want to learn to swing dance. travel to italy. be a teacher, a psychologist, a mother, a wife. if i had to have a label, it'd read "eclectic."

tiffthomp45694 tiffthomp45694
18-21, F
Dec 5, 2008