What Can I Say

I was the class clown in grade school, I was a "durd" in high school (or so I have been told). I remember once when I was about 22, my gf (at the time) and a girl we both know, ran into one another, they started talking.. and I over heard the girl say... "I hear he's great in bed, but a terrible boyfriend.." How do you take that? I mean.. what the.. I wasn't sure if I should be happy or sad.. 12 years later I have a much better grasp about what she meant. Today, I have been called so many names (most I can't say here..you wouldn't be able to read them anyway) I have been called a Christian, I prefer believer. I am not religious, it's a relationship. And I am none of the things I use to be. Today I am, tomorrow I will be.    
31-35, M
Jul 14, 2007