I Used to Hate Not Knowing Where I Fit In, Not Having a Label.

But last night I was talking to one of my friends, not even one of my best friends, and we got to the subject of clicks at school, kind ones and snobby ones. My friend was saying how she feels sorry for them because they need each other to be defined. Then she said to me:

"I admire you because you are your own person. You know everyone, and you don't need a label because you make it clear that you are just you."

I was so touched because no one has ever told me they admire me, and this friend doesn't hand out many compliments. I have a whole new perspective on wanting to 'fit in'. The advice that I'd give to all of you here is 'fit out'.

Even though I have been given a compliment, I know I will still struggle with this issue. I know  though, that whatever I do, I will do it because I like it, not because I want to be labeled as something. When it all comes down to it, I'd rather be a trend-setter, not a trend-follower.

LonelySoul LonelySoul
18-21, F
Jul 16, 2007