I am in high school and it is so dramatic. There are so many labels and I can't stand it.  I talk to a lot of different people some with these so called "labels". Ugghh.. I just wish I could talk to someone who feels the same way. I dress how I want, I listen to all types of music,I talk to anybody and everybody who wants to talk to me. I do not label myself and I never will. I am me, I am who I want to be, I am who I am meant to be and that will never change. I am not on this earth to please anyone but myself. If anyone has a problem with that then I guess you will have to deal with that on your own.


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just a random weird thought: imagine if in the future, "me" became a label...i am a "me".....heheheh....

I agree with Sid and Erica. Good on you; be true to who you are inside.

The labels that people plaster on themselves don't mean anything outside of high school, you have a jump on everyone else on figuring out who you are outside a label.