I Used to Be..

I think I had/have problems with knowing who I am. So I guess I just tried several "stereotypical" groups or however it's called.. At first I was fond of punks..  But my mum didn't want me to cut my jeans and this frustrated me, but then I realized that punk is too umm... "extreme" for me... I had many different tastes in music.. Not that different but I also used to try to look like the music I listen too... Like Goth and Metal and whatever...
Now I'm able to like different kinds of music (At least different Rock-Music)... And I don't have to look like an advertisement for my music...  My favourite music now is Indie. I think it's the best genre I've gone through... Indie has just so many faces and all... For me Indie means Freedom... When I used to like punk I always tried to look like one and so on... But Indie music made me free of these "restraints". I don't care what genre the music I lsiten too is, or if I look like a Punk or Goth or whatever... Everybody has an unique taste.. And I'm glad that I finally understood that and dare to listen to my taste...
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2 Responses Jul 19, 2007

i'm glad you're more comfortable with how you look now. i still kinda struggle with the whole thing with looking like your music tastes. mostly bc i feel like ppl dont believe me when i profess my love for mcr :[ and rock/punk music. also, ppl don't talk to me about music much, bc they think i'm only into fashion or whatever. i look too un-emo or un-punk for them or something!

That is so awesome.I am happy for you. I am glad that now you realize that being yourself is the right thing and it is better in the end.