I'm Not Your Stereotypical Anything

I've never been able to fit into a "clique". I've never been in a clique, nor have I ever wanted to. All of my friends belong to different "groups", while none of them really fit into anything, either. We all might be labeled by others, but our group of friends is NOTHING alike. Well, if you go by style/taste in music/etc., THEN we are nothing alike. Our personalities fit well, though. And I love the fact that all of my friends are so different. They all have special and different qualities that make them so interesting. I know I've got a friend for all occasions and situations. My friends that I have is one reason there's nothing stereotypical about me. There's so many things from the way I dress to the music I listen to. I don't think that any of these things define me in any way. I wear what I feel comfortable and RIGHT in, and I listen to what I want. I don't care if I'm looked at funny when I crank up my country while everyone else is pretending to be into the "hardcore/metal" scene. If I feel like it, I'll listen to my country. I'm not someone who is going to wear what someone else wants me to wear. I don't feel like I need to do these things to be accepted. I've got friends that absolutely love me just the way I am. And I don't need anyone who is going to try to conform me into anything else<3
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Jul 22, 2007