Teenage Girl

i find that as a teenage girl certain things are expected from me..

lets clear somethings up.


just because i have began to notice the opposite sex that does not mean that 1) i will get pregnant 2) i'm willing to run away with him and 3) he's my one and only true love.

i could never spend more the 20 minutes in front of a mirror.

it's not my life ambition to be a hair stylist or a contestant on a reality tv show.

i'm not rebellious. or moody.

the mall holds no entertainment for me.

i can hold a intelligent conversation on anything you wish and not once use the word "like" or the phrase "i'm jk"

i'm aware that as a high school student i should either a) aspire to be like evryone else or b) go through alot of pain NOT to be like everyone else. i'm proud to anounce that i'm in the middle. and comfy.

there's plenty more... but i just dont feel like typing it and i find this to be rather boring..sory if if bored you! had to vent.




arielsinthesky arielsinthesky
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2 Responses Jan 4, 2009

i have no trouble at all. <br />
in fact i have quite a few friends. <br />
i'm a very happy person.. just exasperated from the generalities.

solid effort...you've summarised a lot of difficult thoughts extremely simply...<br />
it seems to me that you should lead a particularly happy life? knowing so clearly your stance within the world. Is this true...or do u struggle with friends?