I Fell In Love With a Girl.

Hi.  I am a 31-year-old bisexual woman.  I fell in love with a woman who was my sister's girl friend.  I was a Catholic then, so I did not have any sexual experience with her.  I loved her purely and dearly.  She was my best friend.

She fell in love with a man and married him.  She knew how I felt about her, but still she begged me to attend her wedding and to sing for her.  I was a fool for doing this, but since I loved her very much, I said yes.

It's been three years since the wedding.  I should have gotten over her, but I can't get her out of my mind.  I try, but nothing seems to work.  People have suggested that I find someone new, but I have gotten so fat and ugly, and I don't think anyone would ever want me.  I try to keep myself busy, but she always finds a way to get into my thoughts.

I still love her, and to borrow the words from Brokeback Mountain, "I wish I knew how to quit (her)."

What should I do?



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4 Responses Jul 28, 2007

I feel exactly the same way u do but am yearz younga. dnt wori u shud tel her u want her.

I think you need to lose weight, get your life together, build yourself up to your maximum potential physically and mentally. Then you need to go to her.....to them and make a stand for what you want. Tell her you love her tell him you want to be with them. Most men will accept another woman in their life if she loves him too. Go to them and let them know how you feel and take one last attempt at what you want. If that fails then at least you have some closure and you know that you didnt just sit around and feel sorry for yourself.

This is a really painful-sounding thing that's happened to you...to have to sit back and watch the one person you truly care about get taken by someone else. I agree that you need to find yourself, need to go and do things that you enjoy, for the sake of only yourself...enjoy life and I bet that you will soon ease away from this unrequited love.

This sounds excruciating, and I'm sorry that you've lost her. I'm not sure going out and finding someone new is the answer... I think it has more to do with finding yourself. Maybe some counseling or spiritual searching would help.