What Ppl Think...

People think just cause they talk to you every day that they know you.  People think that because you act a certain way that that's who you really are.  People don't realize that they see what I want them to see, the real me begins miles beneath the surface, and it takes time for me to let you in further.  They keep trying to fit me in to a "type", they have to stop, it's not working, but whatever, keeps them busy right?
SpiritedKat SpiritedKat
26-30, F
3 Responses Jul 30, 2007

continuing along spirituallover's train of thought...ppl then act SO shocked when you behave differently - "OMG, what's gotten into you today?" *surprised* "Nothing" "What are you hiding?!" oh, the misunderstandings that can arise...

very right...u should be proud to be your own, unique, own in 6 billion knida person<br />

I find that if you behave in a certain way most of the time, people expect you to behave that way all the time. That really annoys me because they just make assumptions about the way that you are.