Abounding Exceptions

First of all, I'm a missionary kid - a dying breed to begin with.  But even among missionary kids, I'm different.  Most missionary kids become Christians at a very early age - I just converted nearly two years ago, right after turning sixteen.
        Nearly all the other missionary kids I know are very athletic - I don't like sports in general, and I dislike running and swimming in particular.  I love reading and writing, strategy and mind-games, and RPG's.  But I'm not your stereotypical nerd/geek, either - I'm intelligent and get good grades, but I'm not anti-social, or completely non-active, and I'm not a big computer person. I love the outdoors - camping in the rainforest, climbing trees, and swinging trapeze-style, doing all sorts of wild acrobatics, like swinging by my knees, then letting go and landing on my feet... rock-climbing, bungee-jumping.
        I could be said to be a fantasy/sci-fi fanatic, but whenever I go to sites for people with those interests, I end up being put off by how much it defines the other people's lives.
        I guess my goal in life is to be myself, by not worrying too much about myself.
        I think that you can only be yourself if you stop thinking about who you are, and be.

Durgalen Durgalen
18-21, M
2 Responses Aug 6, 2007

You have a very mature view of who you are.

I like to go camping, hiking, and all sorts of things. Being outside is one of the most pleasurable and peaceful things there is to do. You just have to be yourself, and don't worry what other people think. If you would like to talk, just send me a message. It would be nice to talk to some one who enjoys the great outdoors.