One and Only Me

on the surface i look like a plane jane girl a little sass maybe but i certainly dont try to stand out when people first meet me they say i'm quiet.. or that i remind them of Ellen Page(from Juno) with my sense of humor.. but as they get to know me i always hear the same thing .. "i just can't figure you out" and i love it that way. I think i would hate to be in a catagorie! theres not another fish in the sea quite like me! ;)

perfectfacade perfectfacade
18-21, F
4 Responses Feb 23, 2009

all of your comments sound so depressing.. i have people in my life that get me and love me like my family and i love myself very much the way i am with all of my depth! remember everyone, you can't love someone else until you learn to love yourself ! =p

It's lovely to be different as in special. There are of course different levels of difference and we should strive to embrace all, as in, basically we're all humans. I love to see people who promote their difference, their uniqueness, their special qualities. Vive la difference!

What if you don't want to annoy people? what if you secretly long for someone to understand you? It can be lonely at times to be different, I mean truly different and not obstinately so just for the sake of being contrary.Being different takes courage as well and strength. I dont' want to annoy people I just stand out, always have cause I cannot run with the norm or maybe because I think differently.

being different is great it annoys people!!!