Dumb Blonde

when you look at me the first thing you see is my blonde hair. its natural so people find it ok to say your a dumb blonde and all tht good stuff. they think its not an insult when im called barbie. but it is. ppl never think i can have an actual problem they think the biggest problem i have in life is what to wear the next day. they dont kno how unhappy i really am how much i hate myself and how ugly i think i am. even tho there isnt  a day someone comments on my looks in a positve way i feel so ugly. im not your typical blue eyed blonde haired barbie doll

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18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 1, 2009

I won't call u a dumb blonde if u will pass me on the street and smile if I smile back, and not respond to my smile with a disparaging look as if u r too perfect to smile at me. Look, I'm not asking u to actually say hello to me unprovoked, I'm not a person who asks for the moon. Just don't act like you're above me b/c u r in a size 0 and I'm in a 10. It would make people like me think more highly of people like you, since that is what you seem to be anxious about. Oh yeah, all you blondies could refrain from the closed-box racial commentary as well. It only makes you a target.

dont get too obessed with this ''looks'' thing.and if you trully dont like your body or looks generally start up a healthy diet and cut up all this stupid bulimia-anorexia stuff.im saying this cause ivebeen through this diet thing lots of times.if u need advice or a diet list tell me..that's ep for..and welcome,im new too:)