Closet Slave

In the past couple years i have discovered who and what i am. i am to please, i am slave...


i tried to apply this to my every day life...but it just doesnt seem to i have decided to be a closet slave..i now who i am...and every day i serve ..


i serve for beauty..for love... and for my True Master...


i do not hide in my closet... but i am protecting something very valueble.. my true identity..until one day..when i will serve Him..once more

girlflower girlflower
41-45, F
6 Responses Mar 3, 2009

What an interesting, almost poetic post. I've never been particularly dominate (or submissive) but I recently had an email relationship that lead to my taking on a dominate role that I never knew I had inside me. It was an unexpected pleasure and made me want to learn and experience more. There so much more to the dom-sub relationship then I ever realized. You're post and responses were insightful.

thank you sister...if you need to talk just msg me

One must hide from some who would use it against one or seek to change one, yes? I understand that part well! This 2nd time around I have been collared by one whom I love and he claims to love me. It's exciting, but frightening because I was badly treated by my previous Master. My new Master is so permisssive and kind it is hard to adjust but this is what a slave does.<br />
Be careful and good luck to you, girlflower ^.^

you are right littleorchid...big difference between a slave and a sub...<br />
<br />
a slave submits...<br />
<br />
a submissive..surrenders..

may i ask why you wanted to know?

i am not collared M'am